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Monday, 8 August 2011

Matt Smith defends "sexy" Amy Pond character

While speaking to The Metro (free on the train a good read) Matt Smith has said that having a "sexy" companion in Amy Pond adds another dimension to the show. He defended Amy's penchant for revealing outfits saying "What do people want Karen to dress in, a floor length skirt?". Smith said "Don't tell me Dad's at home don't go 'Ah, cool look Karen's on'-". The BBC received a few complaints after the bedroom in scene in Flesh and Stone last year with viewers claiming it was a "overtly sexual scene". Smith also brought up the point of the 4th Doctor's companion Leela wearing a "tight Tarzanian top" so Amy isn't the first. I have no complaints. I wonder if she'll dig out that Policewoman outfit again? *crosses fingers* Full article here.

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