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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Reasons We Love Doctor Who

1.The Daleks
Exterminate! The Daleks make the perfect start to the series about all the things that make Doctor Who great. They first appeared on the show in First Doctor serial "The Daleks" and since then have appeared countless times. During the classic series, episodes featuring the Daleks usually got higher viewing figures than those without proving them to be popular. The mutants from Skaro have gone through a few changes from Terry Nation and Raymond Cusick original creations but Steven Moffat made the most radical change dividing opinion among fans. That said the chilling staccato voice, plunger and eyestalk still remain and they are not just icons of the show but icons of  British TV.  What do you love about Doctor Who? Leave a comment in the post or on the Chatango.


Lydia Bunting said...

The time travel! Though other shows have it, no other show does it quite like Doctor Who.

The characters. Every character is fully rounded, that love, hate, get annoyed, etc.

The writing and clever plot twists: as a writer myself, I can fully appreciate writing that puts viewers at the edge of their seats, yelling for the next episode when the first of a two-parter ends.

Hmm...Rory got most of the others in the Chatango...

Bradley said...

Thank you Lydia I will feature those shortly :)