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Friday, 12 August 2011

Review: Torchwood- First Born

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I've been a avid reader of the Doctor Who novels for years but I had never read one of the Torchwood books. That was until I picked up First Born. This book is the first of three prequels to Miracle Day and we pick up with Gwen and Rhys soon after the events of Children Of Earth. They are on the run with baby Anwen in tow and make for the village of Rawbone where they can evade their captors. But it seems that this place isn't as safe as they first thought with dark secrets and strange children putting their lives in danger.

The story is written in the first person (Which I'm not always a fan of) with  Gwen, Rhys and other characters giving their viewpoint alternating with each chapter. Gwen and Rhys's parts are written brilliantly and writer James Goss really captures the relationship that works so well on screen. The supporting characters are also well written from scientist Eloise to gay couple Tom and Josh. There is even a cameo from Jack Harkness or 'Uncle Jack' as he is referred to. There are plenty of adult moments that set it apart from the Doctor Who books like the scene with one of the 'children' and a hot bath and a rapist policeman. Providing lighter moments are baby Anwen and a plenty of humour from Rhys.

The conclusion may not really build up to much of a climax and I'm not too sure what the alien is but I really enjoyed the book and I found myself saying "Just one more chapter" towards the end. I will probably pick up the other two books 'Long Time Dead' and 'The Men Who Sold The World'. I'll give this book 7/10.


Time Dragon in the Vortex said...

I would laugh if they wrote Anwen's viewpoint. XD I'm laughing thinking 'bout it

Bradley said...

That would have been brilliant XD Wonder what she thinks about breastfeeding?

Time Dragon in the Vortex said...

Lol if she's like Melody. "Big Milk Thing"

Bradley said...

Is your icon Razor from Robot Wars? Loved that show :D

Time Dragon in the Vortex said...

Yeah it's Razer. I'm gonna get some friends to try to bring it back. I'm trying to get a Robo Challenge party. I love the show, even though it was axed when I was about 3. I watch on Dave.